Jean Baynham

North Yorkshire, UK

My research revolves around finding patterns in nature, seeking relationships between them and searching for a unifying principle in the same way that mathematicians and scientists do. I then translates this research into three-dimensional forms constructed using recognisable, mass-produced items.

Through my practice I invite audiences to appreciate the beauty and elegance found in mathematics, and to explore for themselves the natural patterns that aid our understanding of the universe.

Twisted Changeability
Twisted Changeability
8cm x 28cm x 8cm x 8 units
Curtain Tape

Twisted Changeability is a delicate, three-dimensional artwork inspired by the Möbius Strip and my research into topology which deals with properties of surfaces and shapes. Twisted Changeability is made up of eight separate units. Pleated curtain tape are twisted to create the units whilst the pleats give the bands an extra dimension and complexity. Each unit takes on a similar but subtly different shape, highlighting the many changes that are possible by a simple action.