Paul Watkins

Undergraduate Student of Art and Mathematics
Austin Peay State University
Clarksville, TN

I am currently an undergraduate student studying art and mathematics. Ten years ago, I was studying computer programming which easily led to a study of math. Years later, I was introduced to computer glitching as an art form. Today, I do work in glitch art and gif animation, most of which is focused on internet culture and based on the relentless bombardment of input we experience in modern daily life. As I continue to study calculus and arithmetic, my ideas are often heavily influenced by the numbers around us everywhere.

Fibonacci, No. 8
Fibonacci, No. 8
11x17 inches
Digital print

This piece was produced in 2014 for exhibition in a community art gallery. The show was called "After Fibonacci," and featured work from several local art students. "Fibonacci, No. 8" was based quite simply on the Golden ratio and Fibonacci's series. The triangle structure is based on a binary representation of the Fibonacci numbers using techniques similar to Ed Pegg, Jr. The work is also influenced by some articles on Egyptian art, and particularly the speculation of the relationship of Pi and Phi possibly used in the construction of the Great Pyramids.