S. Louise Gould

Retired Professor of Mathematics Education
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut

My mathematical art grows out of my experiences with my students and my explorations of mathematics, textiles, paper, and technology. I enjoy working with computer controlled machines such as the computerized embroidery sewing machine and the Craft Robo (plotter cutter) as well as traditional looms and knitting machines.

Dualing Polyhedra
Dualing Polyhedra
6 pieces each less than 4.5x4.5x4.5 inches
Photogloss Art Paper and PLA filament

In The Symmetries of Things, Chaim Goodman-Strauss notes “The Archimedean solids and their duals can be nicely arranged so that their edges are mutually tangent, at their intersections, to a common sphere.” His virtual models inspired these models constructed on Geometer’s Sketchpad, printed, cut and scored with a Craft Robo. Three are the dual Platonic solids, plus one of them with the sphere through the intersections. The truncated tetrahedron and its dual the kisTetrahedron and the truncated Octahedron with its dual the kisCube complete the set. In a similar fashion to tessellations in the plane, in space, the Platonic solids have Platonic duals and the Archimedean solids have duals with faces that are not regular polygons.