Horst Schaefer

Senior Expert
Deutsche Boerse AG
Frankfurt, Germany

I am trying to apply formal concepts from mathematics, logic or science in my work. One of my goals is to reach a balance between these formal aspects, artistic freedom and the resulting aesthetic appearance.
For some years I was experimenting with the golden section. If you apply the golden section to one distance you split this distance into two parts. The two parts have then the ratio called PHI (or roughly 1.618). You can apply this procedure also to a square or to a rectangle. If you do this recursively you can create many shapes with the golden section.

Golden Stripes with Riley coloring
Golden Stripes with Riley coloring
40cm x 65cm
Digital Print

This work was inspired by a talk given by Neil Dodgson at the Bridges conference 2013 in Enschede, where he analysed stripe paintings by Bridget Riley. My stripes are a unique distribution of 'golden stripes', i.e. they are derived by recursively dividing a given distance into golden sections. I then adapted an original coloring of Bridget Riley to my 'golden stripes'.