Szilvia Haber

Ceramics Department of Secondary School for Fine and Applied Arts, Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

The patterns of nature can give us a key to understand the rules that determine all the natural processes.
These patterns contain the code, which can help us to describe relatively easily quite complicated processes, shapes and figures.
For me the world of fractals is the link to the energy of the universe.
Through the fractals I can see the original method of the organic nature: the infinite variety of the self organized power of the primal order.
The biggest part of the familiar world carries the characteristic of fractals.
Fractals are geometric formations in which you can find repetition at any scale.
My goal is to visualize this.

Wave Lamp
Wave Lamp
40cm x 18cm x 16cm

Usually my chinaware is born in 2D. It starts as patterns on drawing paper. After turning them into 3D, I make their negativ forms. I pour the china material into the forms and fire them at high temperature.
This lamp was built from a fractal wave pattern. The final form depends on the different sizes of the pattern elements. As the porcelain is thicker along the fault-line, the fractal net is enhanced when the lamp is turned on.