Robert Voorheis

Ypsilanti, MI, US
With this video, I aim to evoke a feeling of calmness, of being taken out of time for a few moments. There are thousands of slowly moving pieces, more than the eye can follow at once. The combined motion develops into a slow but deliberate dance.
Soft Fractures
Soft Fractures
Artist: Robert Voorheis; Soundtrack: Anthea Leigh
A somber reflection on a delicate balance between order and complexity; 4096 line segments dance a slow and chaotic ballet of rearrangement and realignment The graphs are generated using modular arithmetic. For each graph, given parameters n and a, each of the vertices lie on points (x, y) such x*y ≡ a mod n. For each vertex, there is are line segments connecting it and it's 4 closest neighbors. n = 2048, a ∈ {847, 875, 925, 965, 969, 975, 985, 991, 993, 999}