Abdalla G. M. Ahmed

Originally I am a telecommunications engineer.

Accidentally discovering AA-Patterns more than 16 years ago eventually lead me to know Bridges and its community.
These patterns are so simple yet so rich, and they do not cease to inspire me.
So far I found applications for them in pixel art (still and animated), weaving design, and most recently sampling (in computer graphics).
Once again, my art work this year is inspired by AA-Patterns.


(Extended) AA Patterns are pixel patterns obtained by bitwise AND of two constituent bitmaps, one constituent bitmap is made up of two repeating rows, and the other of two repeating columns. The two rows (or columns) are made up of a sequence of dashes that alternate between the two columns, with a single pixel stop before commencing a new dash in the other row.
AA-Patterns (and their close relative AA-Bitmaps) are two color-able in an even-odd fashion.
In this artwork I use the decimal digits of pi to supplement the dash-sequences used to create the pattern.
The resulting pixel pattern is curious: it is random thanks to pi, but is still organized thanks to the low-entropy AA-Patterns.
Can you see distinguish the 0's, 1's, or 9's?