Albrecht Wintterlin


While specializing on design theory as an architect, I came into contact with finite geometry through the lectures of Prof.
H. Lenz, Berlin. Since then, I have been passionate about building spatial models of projective planes. Solutions can only
be found by complicated computational procedures. What has kept me going, is the aesthetical dimension of the subject.
I hope the quality of my model gives an account of what has been an adventure for me.

Projective Plane without Crossings
Projective Plane without Crossings
55 x 55 x 55 cm
cane 3 mm, beech balls 5 mm, steel piano strings.

3D-model of the projective plane of order 3 (13 points, 13 lines). Each line (=colour) consists of three arcs of a circle, it meets every other line exactly once. This sample is the result of attempts over 12 years using Python programs written by myself. To my knowledge there exists as yet no similar arrangement of three tetrahedrons
and in particular no solution which includes only intersections required by the axioms. A special illumination device enables the observer to light up any pair of lines seperately.