Andreia Hall

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics Department, University of Aveiro
Aveiro, Portugal

I am interested in linking Mathematics with art using different mediums. Presently I am using patchwork and quilting techniques to reproduce mathematical ideas. Recursions, tiling of the plane and Voronoi diagrams are some of the mathematical topics that I've used in my works. I am very happy that the Bridges conferences exist and provide the opportunity for artists and mathematicians to meet.

70 x 140 cm
Cotton fabrics, batting and thread; safety pins

In the geometry of tessellations, a reptile (from self-replicating tile) is a shape that can be dissected into smaller copies of itself. A reptile is labelled rep-n if the dissection uses n copies.
This work is based on a rep-5 right triangle with right sides 1:2 in proportion. It contains three iterations of dissection and joins two large triangles to form a rectangle.
The work was inspired by one of the Wolfram Demonstrations Project examples: "Pinwheel Tiling" by Ed Pegg Jr.,