Anduriel Widmark

Denver, Colorado, USA

I create forms to explore the possibilities existing within a generated reality. Shaping and manipulating space allows a context for relationships to be questioned. Abstraction expands reality and presents an opportunity to look outside of a regular pattern of seeing. Relationships between underlying forces exemplify the inseparability of structure and narration. Structures and voids are used to organize a lattice around these distinctions and connections.

Glass Borromean Rings
Glass Borromean Rings
3 x 3 x 3 cm
flame worked borosilicate glass

The simplest and possibly best-known Brunnian link is the Borromean rings. A link of three topological circles where no two rings are linked. The rings are all dependent on each other for the shapes integrity. Using fire to make glass at this scale was a rewarding challenge. Several attempts were required to achieve the desired tolerances, without touching or melting the rings to one another.

15 x 15 x 15 cm
Flame worked borosilicate glass

Filling space with infinitely repeating lattices is a fun challenge that has the added benefit of building spatial intuition. 12 cylindrical rods are arranged into four identical and intersecting triangular prisms, connected at the ends to make a knot. The triangular passageways though the piece are why this arrangement is known as tristix. The shape exhibits chiral cubic or chiral tetrahedral symmetry. The resulting network of glass creates a dynamic interaction of reflected light and shadow.