Anna Ludwicka

Graphic Designer, Master of Mathematics
Anna Ludwicka Design
Warsaw, Poland

Anna Ludwicka graduated from a Warsaw University - Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics (master diploma - 1997) and an Art Department UTH in Radom (master diploma - 2015). She deals with screen printing, traditional art and computer graphics. Her Master Thesis title: "Mathematics in Graphics and Paintings".
She presented Polish mathematicians cycle. Sierpinski, Ulam and Banach with their achievements in graphic art. There are posters (screen printing) but also screen printing on t-shirts and graphics on cups. She made this cycle tribute to Franciszka Themerson - Polish and British illustrator.

Sierpinski with his carpet
Sierpinski with his carpet
20 x 43 cm

Polish mathematicians cycle. Wacław Franciszek Sierpiński (1882–1969) was a Polish mathematician. He was known for outstanding contributions to set theory (research on the axiom of choice and the continuum hypothesis), number theory, theory of functions and topology. He published over 700 papers and 50 books.
Three well-known fractals are named after him (the Sierpinski triangle, the Sierpinski carpet and the Sierpinski curve), as are Sierpinski numbers and the associated Sierpiński problem.