Grayham Forscutt/David Koski

Minneapolis MN USA

This work is a collaborative effort based on internet communications. I have never met Grayham Forscutt in person, but he knows very well the significance of this work.

The three tetrahedra are named U,V and W. They are scaled by phi or 1.618034 to make them larger or smaller. The previous two volumes of sequential tetrahedra add up to the next larger. This helix never folds upon itself and expands infinitely.

If we give the volume of U to be 1.000000 unit, then the V is 1.618034 units and the W is the sum to the previous two at 2.618034. This progression goes infinitely both larger and smaller as the tetrahedron are scaled by phi.

David Koski

Golden Ratio Expanding Helical Spiral
Golden Ratio Expanding Helical Spiral
60 x 60 x 60 cm

Made from coloured cardboard, marked, cut and glued
Golden ratio edge length tetrahedra, face bonded and scaled by powers of Φ

Bonding sequence
three left
three right

Golden Ratio Expanding Helical Spiral

The outer - overall vertices of the spiral are the same vertices found in the composite stellating dodeca-icosa-dodeca-icosa, these nodes are also the same as the rhombic hexecontahedron to rhombic triacontahedron omnidirectional expansion,
the triacontahedron can be subdivided into 10 prolate & 10 oblate Fibonacci quasicrystalline rhombohedra

templates, models, animations & phi physics
Grayham Forscutt