Robert Fathauer

Tessellations Company
Phoenix, Arizona

I'm endlessly fascinated by certain aspects of our world, including symmetry, chaos, and infinity. Mathematics allows me to explore these topics in distinctive artworks that I feel are an intriguing blend of complexity and beauty.

The laws that govern our physical universe can be succinctly expressed by mathematical equations. As a result, mathematics can be seen throughout the natural world, and much of my work plays on mathematical forms in nature.

Witchy Convergence
Witchy Convergence
40 x 35 cm
Archival inkjet print

This is a fractal arrangement of a photograph of a "Black Witch" moth that spent a few hours on the front of my house in Arizona. This moth is the male of the species Ascalapha odorata. Several cultures have myths or superstitions surrounding it, which are generally associated with bad luck and/or death. The fractal on which this print is based is a collection of spirals based on the Plastic number (1.3247 ...).