René Sauerbrei

meteorologist, artist
Deutscher Wetterdienst
Berlin, Germany

I am Berlin-based meteorologist and artist who combines mathematics with the emotional impact of urban street art. The influence of weather in the development process characterizes my pictures in the formulas, shapes and colors I use - somewhere between the extremes of an intensive experience of nature and abstract mathematics.

25 x 20 cm
Sepia ink on primed canvas

The purity of mathematics in developing truths. This clarity however is disolved in the formulas being on top of and next to each other, steering the gaze towards the whole.

Das Loch
Das Loch
30 x 30 cm
Sepia glue on primed canvas

Within this the world of formulas is so condensed that it becomes invisible, and the solutions along the discovery of truth are tied up in an abstract singularity. The chaos is not tangible.