Hiroko Nakajima

Artist/Designer, Research fellow
Mathematical Institute, George August University of Goettingen.
Goettingen, Germany. Paris, France.

Mathematics/Pattern: For several thousand years, in its attempt to understand the fundamental principles of the world through science and culture, mankind has discovered countless rules and patterns pertaining to the properties of surrounding materials and their complex relationships. The world is made of numerous patterns and sequences, which make up different orders.

I see myself, I'm pattern explore/researcher, also textile artist/designer who strongly interested in Pattern and surface. Currently, there has been no attempt yet to convert mathematical continuity into repetitive textile patterns. Hence the importance of my works, aiming at deepening this relationship between mathematics and a new form of Textile repeating expression.

Transformation method / "Mathematical model" pattern design
Transformation method / "Mathematical model" pattern design
1000 x 145 cm
Textile(cotton), silk screen printing

Mathematical models pattern design project:
This is the way to transforming 3D(Mathematical models) to 2D(Textile pattern) is important to new expression. it focuses on the motif created by plaster-made geometric models used in mathematics, as a means to investigate the possibility of merging Science and Art. Creating works based on the repetitive patterns found on fabrics, and expression of repetitive patterns in public space through public art and urban design. (I carried out it with POLA art foundation grant)