Sara McCormick

Portland, Oregon, USA

My work is a form of digital art know as fractals: mathematical and natural forms that exhibit what's known as self-similarity. These patterns repeat for infinity and contain the same formations and level of detail at all scales. Using a computer I render mathematical formulas into art of infinite depth and detail. With careful composition and color choice I am able to bring out the rich, organic nature of these forms. The patterns I work with are the same patterns that make up the universe. More than anything else for me my work represents a real, tangible connection to nature. So much of this world can be described by these same simple patterns, so that when I create, I feel as if I am a part of evolution.

Art and Seoul
Art and Seoul
46 x 76 cm
Giclee Fractal Print

This work was inspired by my trip to Seoul, South Korea for Bridges 2014. Being able to travel to Korea & attend the conference was a life-changing experience for me. I wanted to create my own version of the lush green rolling South Korean landscape shrouded in it's ever-present fog, the swirling shapes of which were inspired by the illustrative style of Traditional Dancheong patterns.

This fractal artwork is a computer generated image created using mathematical equations. Because my art is based on these recursive equations, they can be rendered and printed at ANY SIZE. I especially enjoy printing them large scale because you get a much greater sense of the depth of these images.