Marye Hobbs

University of South Australia
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

As a textile artist who has a perceptive interest in drawing and painting textural or narrative forms, my world is constructed out of and within visual and tactile experiences. This world is linear, seeing the world in patterns that encompasses a visual language of mathematical thought with multiple pathways. As a result my practice includes logical and sequential application visually deconstructing and reconstructing my visual experiences. This is the lived experience of someone having an extreme obsessive disorder within the autism spectrum. My excessive interest in patterns are perceived through logic-based, self-imposed, rule-based art methodologies, blending visual mathematics with the study of ancient pre- language artefacts.

Labyrinthian Exists (#3/3 triptych) - Cornerstones of the Labrys
Labyrinthian Exists (#3/3 triptych) - Cornerstones of the Labrys
27 x 32 cm
Acrylic paint and Cotton textile on wood

This is an investigation into the physical connections of the unicursal pathways of the seven circuit labyrinth. This work is a visual dialogue of junctions of logical acumen to represent a pure form of linear movement. This work is also a representation of elemental algebra from an artist’s perspective. The mathematical passageways of labyrinthine existence are represented visually as patterns of conceptual form and structure. The detail for each equation was achieved using my own unique style of translating traditional textile skills and manipulating the media. These relief paintings visually translate the labyrinth's pathway into mapped networks or systems of assemblage of memory to represent metaphoric labyrinthine existence.