Caleb Sanchez

Artist, Student
Computer Science Department, Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, Indiana USA

Caleb is an computational artist and computer programmer. He has studied graphic design and computer programming and will receive his Bachelor's in Computer Science in May from Valparaiso University. He has professional experiences in web development and design creating numerous poster designs, large print art, algorithmic art, as well as designing websites for his university. He has recently discovered this beautiful blend of art and programming and continuous to pursue other projects in the joint field.

Infinite Bloom, a Recursive Flower
Infinite Bloom, a Recursive Flower
60 x 60 x 3 cm
Processing program, large canvas print

Infinite Bloom is a study of translating the common practices and processes of programming software into a work of art. The piece uses a simple recursive formula to continuously draw the infinite branches. Infinite Bloom continuously draws smaller and smaller circles along six arced paths. Along the path the piece calculates a probability, the probability of creating a new branch. Recursively, it continues this logic of drawing a circle and checking if it has the chance to draw a new branch off that circle, and continuous to do so infinitely. This generative art breathes itself into life in new and different ways every time it is run. This is an interdisciplinary artwork between mathematics, arts and computers.