Manuel Diaz Regueiro

Igaciencia, scientific divulgation in Galiza
Lugo, Galiza, Spain

Ten years ago I discovered the l-system how object of creation and study. First the 2D l-systems and after the 3D I-systems, that I work with more now. One of the most surprising is that can give formulas,equations, to daily objects or recognize formulas of traditional designs like the coffered ceiling of the Hall of Ambassadors in the " House of Hiring " in Seville .
In this sense Homage to Catalonia is one of my 3D l-systems. One of many l-systems that is significant by its own. I'm looking for a museum to fill only with my artwork.
The name of the first work, Fibonacci-Voronoi Paraboloid Dome, is self-explanatory.

Fibonacci-Voronoi Paraboloid Dome
Fibonacci-Voronoi Paraboloid Dome
19 x 26 x 26 cm
Plastic white strong & flexible

Fibonacci and Voronoi are magic words for designers. Add them a 3D surface like a paraboloid of revolution and you will get a Voronoi structure on curved surface (not straight) whose main points follow a Fibonacci pattern in space. What to say about their properties?

Homage to Catalonia
Homage to Catalonia
8 x 11 x 11 cm
Plastic white strong & flexible

Catalonia is a beautiful country. The land of Sardanas, a popular collective dance popular group holding hands in a circle (as the artwork). A land with Castellets, human towers built traditionally in festivals, and formed with a similar base as my artwork.
With a five-pointed star (as my artwork). And so the artwork can be considered a Homage to Catalonia, like the one of George Orwell, but for another reason: it is the most visited country by its mathematically oriented art, as Gaudi and his catenary arches.
This is an abstract and mathematical artwork, with formula, that evokes or reminds Catalonia, its popular scents and its mathematical art tradition.