Merve Balkis

Research Assistant of Fashion Design
Fashion Design Department, Gazi University
Ankara, TURKEY

I graduated textile enginnering department in 2011. I finished textile engineering master programme in 2014.At the same time I started master programe at fashion design department in 2013 at Gazi University.Also I am research assistant at Gazi University Fashion Design Department.

Fish-ion (Fishion)
Fish-ion (Fishion)
21 x 24 x 7 cm
low density polyethylene(LDPE) (hama beads)

I inspired geometrical forms .My art work ' Fish-ion' is a colorfull and geometric fish. My material LDPE (hama bead) is a kind of plastic. Generally it used for 2D designs. I situated hama beads a flat layer then ironed them. I used a small model for my work and also ironed the hama beads on it. So the plastic beads convert into a cloth by high temperature.