Gisèle De Meur (GDM)

Plastician Artist, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and past Director of MATsch (Research Laboratory of Mathematics for Human Sciences)
Department of Social and Political Sciences, Université libre de Bruxelles.
Brussels, Belgium.

After 30 years of mathematics research and teaching social sciences students, I now pursue my 'GDM' visual artist life creating, amongst other things 'mathart' works. A domain I enjoyed to lead in & explore, as curator of « Art&Math » exhibitions in Brussels (in 2014 at the Université libre de Bruxelles, and more recently, in 2016/2, in the Uccle Art House)'.

From a series of «Tributes to M.C.Escher » composed for this recent exhibition, this work illustrates, with a background of Escher’s research notes on tesselations, a geometrical concept alien to the general public: 'The Affine Plane with 9 Points'. This "strange 'plane', other world of dimension 2" indeed, belongs to 'finite' or 'discrete' geometries. (To be continued below)

Hommage à Escher II : PA9 national
Hommage à Escher II : PA9 national
50 x 50 cm
Laser cutouts, plotter printing, background with mirror effect, laser cut frames

(Cont'd) These geometries treating spaces possessing only a finite number of points, whose curves are no longer characterized by a continuous 'trace' ('without lifting the pencil'), but merely by enouncing their constitutive points. The set of its 9 points is structured by straight lines distributed in 4 directions, each with 3 parallel lines.

Here we see 9 square framed works (the 9 'points' of this plane) forming a square; on an original Escher manuscript in the background, each work displays a 4 cats motif in a rotation symmetry 4. The cats' colors placement help visualize the 4 series of 3 straight parallel lines between each other, which join the 'points' by packs of 3 ('verticals', 'horizontals' and 'obliques' of 2 types).