Carlo De Pauw

Retired civil engineer, had managerial positions in the construction research
Still active on several boards, member of RAM-8 Groep.
Overijse, Belgium

A civil engineer in construction, former General Manager of the Belgian Building Research Institute, former Secretary General of the European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation, I’m interested in “Math and Art” and I like constructing polyhedra inspired by the work of Prof. George Hart.

I took part in the Bridges 2014, 2015 and 2016 Exhibits as a member of the RAM-8 Groep and for this 2016-edition I would like to participate also on an individual basis with a magic square work.

Polyhedra Magic Square
Polyhedra Magic Square
55 x 55 x 1 cm
Printed on Forex 10mm

Twenty-five different polyhedra are mentioned in this picture.

The number of characters in the name of each of the polyhedra is counted and these numbers are displayed above the name of the corresponding polyhedron.

These consecutive numbers 10 up to 34 are positioned on a grid in such a way that they form a magic square of order 5 with a magic sum of 110.

An icosahedron made of 30 colored tubes is displayed in the background.