Roberto L. Giardili

Cipolletti. Río Negro. Patagonia Argentina

The motivation for my work comes from the idea that mathematical concepts can be used as a source of art. My aim is the design of sculptures inspired by fractal geometry and, for this purpose I develop my own computer programs. I enjoy making my ideas tangible through the realization of the sculptures itself as well as building the necessary accessories.

Fragmented Hamiltonian Cicle. Icosahedron
Fragmented Hamiltonian Cicle. Icosahedron
42 x 42 x 42 cm
Welded mild steel tubing

The Fragmented Hamiltonian Cycle consists of producing a Hamiltonian circuit inside of an icosahedron. In order to avoid the intersections produced by the connection of different pairs of vertices by a single line segment, I make use of a Hamiltonian Cycle with intersections as an initiator of a Lindenmayer Chain (Fractal Geometry) and associate with it a coplanared and nonaligned three-segment generator. The generator plane in each cycle is twirled around the corresponding initiatory segment in order to join together all the vertices without interceptions.