S. Louise Gould/ Franklin Gould

Professor Emerita Department of Mathematical Sciences/Retired Adjunct
Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, Connecticut. USA

My mathematical art grows out of my experiences with my students and my explorations of mathematics, textiles, paper, and technology. I enjoy working with computer controlled machines such as the computerized embroidery sewing machine and the Craft Robo (plotter cutter) as well as traditional looms and knitting machines. Golden Array I Golden Array I
14 x 17 x 17 cm
Wool/Rayon Felt with Rayon Embroidery

This psuedoPlatonic infinite polyhedron has ranks of offset golden triangle tunnels in two perpendicular directions. Around each vertex 5 regular pentagons meet in such a way that three of them lie in a plane and the other two share an edge and are contained in planes perpendicular to the coplanar faces. It seems surprising that it is possible to tile such a triply periodic surface in 3-space using only regular pentagons!