Mohammad Bagher Safari

Artist, PhD. pure math student
Mathematics Department of Yazd University (Iran)
Shahroud, Semnan, Iran

I am a PhD student in mathematics and I love woodworking. My works is about providing some applied, inexpensive, beautiful objects using math, computer and wood or MDF. I have built nice containers using Catalan's and Plato's solids and projecting some islamic patterns on them!

wooden Plato's container
wooden Plato's container
29 x 16 x 17 cm
wood (walnut, Plane, Jujube and plywood)

Wood mosaic technique has been used for projecting Islamic pattern flowers on the faces.

Catalan's 60-faces container
Catalan's 60-faces container
32 x 19 x 20 cm
MDF (thickness=3mm)

This container has 60-faces and based on Catalan's deltoidal hexecontahedron. It is designed and made using Lasercut machines. Some islamic pattern has been projected on the container.