Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya

Writer, philologist, artist
freelance artist
Sydney, Australia

This is another work of “Weird Wonders of the World” series where I present popular strange visual object such as Möbius strip, Penrose triangle, infinite staircase and others in a realistic context, as if they appeared in nature. I use computer graphics and my own photographs to show the beauty of the real world, thus uniting the intellectual wonder of perceiving a mathematical concept with the aesthetical pleasure of viewing a beautiful image.

Eternal waterfall
Eternal waterfall
40 x 50 cm
print on canvas

The infinite staircase model was introduced by Lionel and Roger Penroses following their article on "triangle of Penrose". This is a staircase with infinite looped movement upwards in one direction, and downwards in another. In my image, the infinite staircase is realised as circular river rapids and waterfalls. Water permanently flows down the stairs never starting and never ending. It falls from one step to another filling the eternal ocean. The sun of the new era rises over the waters of the flood upon the earth.