Gülşen Şefika BERBER

Research Assistant
Textile Design Department, University of Gazi
Ankara, Turkey

My work explores the relationship between art and math (Triangle). A triangle represents art and math. Art is my relax area. ıt makes me feel good. I like to make art because ı can express myself. This work excitemented me. A Triangle can express so much thing. Each fabrics represent a lot of people. The triangle pointing upwards symbolizes solar masculine and fire, downwards triangle symbolizes lunar feminine principle and water. The symbols of the other two symbols of for elements are also triangle having one additional horizantal line in the middle. The upward triangle bisected by a horizantal line is the symbol of air and downward pointed and bisected is the symbol of earth

80 x 35 cm
Cotton, paper, synthetic fabrics

Triangle is the first plane shape and symbolizes the surface. Equilateral triangle signifies the completion (Holy Trinity) as like number 3, for that reason for the symbolism of triangle one should also look up the symbolism of number 3. These trinities are such as body, mind and soul; mother (woman), father (man) and child; paradise, world and hell; underworld, earth and sky. In many cultures triangle was considered to be the symbol of human heart and the womb. In Greek alphaphet Delta corresponds to triangle and symbolizes the door of life, the feminine principle and fertility. An equilateral triangle divided by a line into two right angled triangle symbolizes the human. For Plato the ideal and real Earth is symbolized by a equil triangle