Mohammad Yavari Rad

Olympia, Washington, USA

I am a physician and have been doing photography for years as my hobby. I like to play with light and shadow, reflexions and movements creating rather abstract images. Waves and ripples on water surface have interested me for the past few years. The reflection of sorounding objects on wavy surface of water creates diverse and beautiful images. My photos are original for the most part with minimal cropping and adjustment of light. I don't use Photoshop or similar softwares to create my images.

Warped space
Warped space
40 x 40 cm

The reflexion of shadows on water surface has created a complex image. The bottom part of image is busy and the top part is relatively empty. Curved reticular pattern on the bottom is a reminder of warped space (Einstein's Theory of Releativity explaining how large bodies curve the space around them attracting matter and deviating light). There are darker and lighter areas, a reminder of uneven concentration of matter. The top part is a reminder of different levels of energy, similar to microwave image of universe (WMAP).