Andrea Heald

Math Department, University of Washington

As a mathematician, I like incorportating mathematical concepts into my work. When doing crochet I like creating works that have some purpose beyond aesthetics. Recently I have become very fond of creating interesting stuffed animals for my young son.

Collatz Cornsnake
Collatz Cornsnake
38 x 25 x 5 cm
Crocheted Wool Yarn

The "scale" pattern of this snake was inspired by the Collatz conjecture. Each row of the body was derived from the row before in the following manner: if even, it was divided by 2, if odd it was multiplied by 3 and then 1 was added. Each number is expressed in ternery. Two brown stiches denote a 0, two green stitches denote a 1 and two lavender stitches denote a 2. To distguish one number from the next, each number ends in a 00 (or 4 brown stitches). The initial round is 2^15 - 1.