Anđelka Simić

Teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science
High School "Branislav Petronijević"
Ub, Serbia

Geometry, which is studied during education, describes very well characteristics of space, but it is limited by direct experience and we meet problems when we try to show three-dimensional object on paper. Sooner or later, each of us wonders if there are the fourth, fifth, sixth or higher dimensions. Artists use a different perspectives and techniques in their works in order to show more realistically three - dimensional space and objects in it. I found new dimensions and pictures of my thoughts when I started working with optical ornaments. Now, using optical ornaments on jewelry I can share my experience with others.

Transparent hypercube - jewelry
Transparent hypercube - jewelry
3 x 3 x 3 cm
Printed transparent foils

As the basic element we can find only one black-and-white antisymmetric square with the sets of diagonal lines. Using combination of these squares, which are made from transparent foils, we can form cubes very easily. After that, we pack cubes, like we packed squares for cube, and then we form hypercube. I made this transparent hypercube jewelry from cubes by the same principle which we used to make cubes from squares. During the first observation, our perception chooses new forms that are clearly recognizable when we observed the figure. When we add the source of light, like projects at school or disco lights, we clearly see the new dimensions that leave us breathless.