Clifford Singer



Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


"In that I have selected an Inverted Tractrix for the mathematical basis of the new work, it is my intent to revisit Tractrix after numerous years. Tractrix Inverse with Circle represents asymptotic curve or asymptotic line a priori the primary mathematics to formalize an expanse in geometric construction. The geometric construction procedures are basically algorithmic. The collinear intersects enables visual truths in the geometric pictorial field."


Image for entry 'Tractrix Inverse with Circle'

Tractrix Inverse with Circle

30 x 60 cm

Digital Print on Vinyl

2015 ©

"I work with the one dimension of color, (that of value). Consider white and black, as there is an additive identity and additive inverse property between white and black according to Wittgenstein and Goethe where both are color. White lines on a black field are expressions of a norm that borders between logic and the empirical with the addition of gray value to balance the spatial experience. The following list of color is present in this geometric work: black, white and gray. Basically, black and white anchors the visual field."