Russ Gries and Raymond Aschheim

Quantum Gravity Research
Topanga, California, USA
Raymond Aschheim is a Scientist working at Quantum Gravity Research. He is a SUPELEC Engineer and HEC Entrepreneur. He proposes a model of the universe based on computing spacetime with the geometry of a quasicrystal, the topology of a trivalent network, and the dynamics of a quantum computer. Since ten years, He has produced 3D-printed hypersculptures illustrating the progress of his scientific research. He exhibited twice at Bridges. Russ Gries is an open source researcher, and provides educational videos of his open source science experiments at The printers he uses are build from scratch and he loves to share all about them. The goal is to help solve the Quantum Gravity theory from the perspective of digital philosophy.
QuasiCrystalline Spin Network
QuasiCrystalline Spin Network
Russ Gries, Raymond Aschheim, David Jakubovic, Quantum Gravity Research
The Quasicrystalline Spin Network is the Planck scale substructure of spacetime QGR envision as the quantum substrate. The Fibonacci IcosaGrid was designed by Fang Fang in 2011 as a quasi-crystal with icosahedral symmetry made of regular tetrahedra, which meet at some vertices by groups of 20 . Ray connected them together as a Spin Network on which QGR develops a Topological Quantum Field Theory, and computed the base model for 3D printing. Russ optimized it to realize the impossible: print it with a home-made custom Delta-style FDM (FFF) printer, using minimal support only for the base. The file will be shared with the open source printing community as a stress test. This art and science piece costs less then 25 cents of recyclable PLA.