Susan Gerofsky

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada
It is exciting to work with new math teachers finding inspiration in the bridges between mathematics and the arts. This film shows ways to think deeply about working with mathematical art in the classroom.
New math teachers riff on 'Kandinsky in Binary'
New math teachers riff on 'Kandinsky in Binary'
Producer: Susan Gerofsky; Camera: Ryan Ding & Olly Bian; Sound & Editing: Ryan Ding. Special thanks to Marc & Marion Chamberland, "Kandinsky in Binary" (Bridges 2016); Phil Byrne, Burnaby North Secondary School; Ali Hasan; Colin Grabowski; John Hawthorne
Teacher candidates in Susan Gerofsky's math education class at the University of British Columbia were asked to interact with mathematical artwork from the Bridges Math and Art 2016 gallery with mathematics education in mind. Ali Hasan, Colin Grabowski and John Hawthorne extended and varied Marc and Marion Chamberland's 'Kandinsky in Binary' in fascinating, interactive and pedagogical ways that created new and related works of art (and teaching). When teachers enjoy and express mathematical relationships in artistic and embodied ways, they can share the delight of these intriguing forms with learners as a mode of mathematical exploration. These three new teachers engaged with the Chamberlands' artwork, and brought it in interesting ways to new media (animation, music and original computer graphics) and new approaches to teaching about number systems.