Abdalla G. M. Ahmed and Nithikul Nimkulrat

University of Konstanz and Estonian Academy of Arts

This artwork is a collaboration between two Bridges enthusiasts, Abdalla Ahmed and Nithikul Nimkulrat, who met in Bridges Seoul 2014. Abdalla is interested in algorithmic weaving design, and published three bridges papers on that. Nithikul is a Thai textile artist/designer and academic, based in Tallinn (Estonia), who contributed two Bridges papers before. As an expression of our thanks to Bridges, we made this woven portrait of Reza Sarhangi, the late Bridges founder, based on an idea from a concurrent Bridges paper.

A Woven Portrait of Reza
A Woven Portrait of Reza
145 x 145 cm
Woven fabric

This artwork is a woven portrait of Reza Sarhangi, meant to commemorate the late founder of Bridges organization. The conversion of the image into a weave-able bitmap is based on "Tuti Interweaving", a concurrent paper submitted to Bridges, but with a slight modification to suit the available loom. The actual weaving was implemented in the Estonian Academy of Arts. The underlying photo was taken by Kanji Takeno, used with permission.