Ana Lisa Hedstrom

La Honda, California, 94020, USA


Who hasn’t enjoyed the simple pleasure of flying paper airplanes.
As an artist I have used folds inspired by origami. It was inevitable that I would discover paper airplanes. I dye the surface of the folded plane with indigo, open the paper, and arrange them in series of 6. I repeat, flip, or rotate the dyed paper until a composition satisfies my eye. The play of symmetry and asymmetry is the essence of this geometric patterning.
The craft world is rich with Islamic tiles, central Asian carpets, and American patch-work that embody the mathematics of symmetry. I empathize with the artisans’ stimulating challenge and pleasure of working with geometric patterns.

Folded and Flat II
Folded and Flat II
58 x 78 x 2 cm
indigo on paper

Folded and Flat is an installation of geometric patterns achieved by dyeing paper airplanes. Each airplane fold is dyed on 6 separate sheets which will then be composed to create a study of symmetry and asymmetry. In total I have made nine compositions. Several paper airplanes will hang next to the installation.
In producing this installation there was a process to find the right paper…one that would hold up to multiple immersions in a liquid indigo vat. It also needed to be sheer enough to allow the dye to seep through several layers to achieve different shades of Indigo. Japan has a long history of papermaking and I utilize a kozo paper that meets the criteria of the craft.