Retired, Mathematics Teacher
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"In 'Dynamics for Osculating Circle', I have selected curves of differential geometry as the basis for the work. It is my idea to form the osculating circle of a sufficient plane curve by graphing cubic parabola, circle, and diagonal straight lines with intent to form a perpendicular at tangent to radius. 'Dynamics for Osculating Circle' represents mathematical concepts by use of line, a priori the curvature of a circle is defined as k = ±1/r . The collinear intersects demonstrate both mathematical and visual truths in the geometric pictorial field."

'Dynamics for Osculating Circle'
'Dynamics for Osculating Circle'
40 x 50 cm
Ink on Vinyl
2017 © ™

"I work with the three dimensions of color; hue, chroma, and value. Consider white and black, as there is an additive identity and inverse property between white and black that coordinate with colors. Black lines on a color field are expressions of a visual dynamic that borders between logic and the empirical to balance the spatial experience. The following list of color is present in this geometric work: red, yellow, blue, and green. Basically, black and white is visually dramatic and balances the picture plane." Clifford Singer © 2017