David H Press and Jenny Wong-Stanley

artist - retired teacher
Blind Brook Middle School
Rye Brook, New York USA

David H. Press is dedicated to fully exploring the possibilities of three dimensional shapes formed from straight lines. Symmetry makes it easier to suspend a form in midair as the forces pull it in all directions equally. His recent work explores more assymetrical forms, incorporating more empty space as part of the definition of the shape of the piece. “Ruled Surfaces in a Wong-Stanley Space” is an exploration of regular shapes in a twisted space.
Jenny Wong-Stanley is part designer, builder, sculptor and scientist. Her original bent wood sculptures, home decor and furniture reflect a reverence for nature as well as a keen artistic eye – they are at once modern and organic, thoughtful and calculated. Website: www.jennywongstanley.com

Ruled Surfaces in a Wong-Stanley Space
Ruled Surfaces in a Wong-Stanley Space
40 x 40 x 40 cm

I love creating 3D ruled surfaces with string. I discovered the bent wood work of Jenny Wong-Stanley and commissioned the bent oak piece you see here. I figured her use of 3D space in wood would inspire me to create a ruled surface piece unlike anything I've ever done before. Her pieces are always different from one another based on how the wood gives when she bends it. My design and stringing developed from the angles of her piece. I enjoy exploring how the shape of a frame generates the shape of the string surface. My daughter thought the shape of this piece was a Papagon. My friends were convinced that it was a Davidfaragon. Jenny even liked that description. However, to me it was clearly Ruled Surfaces in a Wong-Stanley Space.