Eva Knoll

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education
Mount Saint Vincent University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

My work focuses on the mathematics in art practices, techniques and media, and I produce artwork and documents that embody these findings. The intention of my practice is to educate the audience about the accessibility of mathematical ideas through creation and aesthetic appreciation. While exploring techniques involved in art or craft practices, I use an experiential approach with a reflective-crafting methodology focusing on mathematical problems to find and pose. Encapsulated by the term Making with Rigour, this means a personal immersion into a practice or craft with a conscientious reflecting on and awareness of the more tacit aspects of the practice, especially the mathematical insights it embodies.

Variations on Colourwave 17 -- Mod 2
Variations on Colourwave 17 -- Mod 2
36 x 19 x 19 cm
Wood, paper, light fixture

This lamp shows the application of a parity threshold (mod 2 filter) to a set of four visual patterns that were initially created using a simple recursive algorithm. More information can be found in "Colourwave: Some Variations on a Mathematical Schema" (accepted by JMA).

10 x 10 x 10 cm

Inspired by the "anti-cube" weaving (i.e. weaving diagonally to the edges), demonstrated by Felicity Wood, UK. The coloured strands can easily be followed around the object. Each colour is used only on one circuit, some of which span the shape multiple tiles, while others have a very short path. This idea is discussed further in the workshop: "The Aesthetics of Colour in Mathematical Diagrams and Models".