Robert Fathauer

Small business owner, puzzle designer, author, and artist
Tessellations Company
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Mathematical structure is evident throughout the natural world. My work explores the mathematics of symmetry, fractals, tessellations and more, blending it with plant and animal forms as well as inorganic forms found in nature. This synthesis allows me to create innovative prints and sculptures that derive their beauty from a combination of complexity and underlying order.

Negative Curvature
Negative Curvature
31 x 45 x 45 cm

This sculpture is based on a radial spatial development of the Sierpinski Arrowhead curve. Six copies of the third-generation curve were arranged in a ring, with every other copy facing inward/outward. This results in an object with three-fold rotational symmetry as well as mirror symmetry. An effort was made to maintain negative curvature at every point of the sculpture.