Francesco De Comité

Associate Professor of Computer Science
University of Sciences, Lille (France)
Lille, France

Manipulation of digital images, and use of ray-tracing software can help you to concretize mathematical concepts. Either for giving you an idea of how a real object will look or to represent imaginary landscapes only computers can handle.
Things become yet more interesting, when you can transform your two-dimensional dream objects in real three dimensional sculptures. You can then handle your creations, and look at them from an infinity of view angles.

Seashells from the virtual shore
Seashells from the virtual shore
15 x 50 x 50 cm
3D print, full color sandstone

D'Arcy Thompson gave a mathematical description of the seashells shape. Later on, Meinhardt formalized a explanation of their ornament, in terms of chemical reactions. Nowadays, we can join these two visions with the help of 3D printing. I am in the process of trying to recreate Meinhardt's seashell designs, as described in his book : "The Algorithmic Beauty of Seashells". I present here some first tries, and hope to be able to exhibit some others.