Professor of Mathematics
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Bruxelles Belgium

After 30 years of mathematics research and teaching social sciences students, I now pursue my 'GDM' visual artist life creating, amongst other things 'mathart' works. A domain I enjoyed to lead in & explore, as curator of « Art&Math » exhibitions in Brussels (in 2014 at the Université libre de Bruxelles, and more recently, in 2016/2, in the Uccle Art House)'. Another exhibition, devoted to Geometries, will be held in Ixelles (Bruxelles), automn 2017.

« Another breed of cat(s) »
« Another breed of cat(s) »
30 x 86 cm
Laser engraved handmade paper

More than the axiomatic approach, the approach of the Geometries regarding Spaces as sets (of points) structured by transformations groups (or groups of changes of coordinates) facilitates the viewing and intuitive understanding of their respective properties, of their invariant concepts and the objects which “have a meaning” in each space.
Our triptic of laser engravings shows typical transformations of shapes under, respectively, euclidean, affine and projective automorphism groups in (bi-dimensional real) spaces.