Hans Kuiper

Bunnik, The Netherlands

My art work is based on Tessellations, Deformations of Tessellations, Infinity Images, 3D Minimal Art Objects and Optical Minimal Art. I use my own algorithms to derive my art work. For 3D printed objects I use Rhino.
The purpose of my art is to surprise the spectator.

"We owe him so much"
"We owe him so much"
40 x 40 cm
Digital Print

This piece of art is a tribute to the unforgettable Reza Sarhangi, one of the founding fathers of the Bridges Conference.
I used a photo image of Reza and for the background Reza's own peace of art "Tray of Love", his contribution to the Bridges exhibition in Finland last year.
My piece of art is Optical Minimal Art, derived by an algorithm. I use 8 colours in this image, black, white, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow.
These colours are caught on squares, pentagons and hexagons, all calculated with Johan Gielis' Superformula.
The colour green is caught on the hexagons, its centre points starting in the left eye. Red is caught on the pentagon, starting in the right eye. Green is caught in the squares, starting in the mouth.