John Hiigli

New York City, New York, USA

Hiigli’s work has been fueled by his experiments with geodesic structure in the preschool, his description of geodesic block structures in two United States Patents, and the Symmetry studies described in his Transparent Geometric Paintings. He earned a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education at Bank Street Graduate School of Education in New York City, where he focused on the work of Richard Buckminster Fuller (Structure), Jean Piaget (Child Development) and John Dewey (Educational Philosophy). He concluded that for the artist cognitive understanding becomes complete only when knowledge about nature is expressed through the process of making art.

Chrome 210
Chrome 210
Transparent Oil Paint

The so called ‘Skew Icosahedron’ is oriented within an octahedron so that eight of its twenty faces are coplanar with and flush against eight of the faces of its surrounding octahedron, while its twelve vertices rest along the twelve edges of the octahedron. However, the icosahedron in question must sit in a skewed or twisted position in relation to the octahedron, with its twelve vertices intersecting the octahedral edges slightly off center, dividing each of the twelve octahedral edges into two segments, the longer 1.618 times the length of the shorter (the famous ‘golden ratio’). The orientation of the “little icosahedron” with respect to the viewer’s point of view is slightly different than that of the larger icosahedron in Chrome 210 a