Kenneth Brecher and Randy Rhine, collaborators

Professor of Astronomy and Physics, Emeritus
Departments of Astronomy and Physics, Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Our sculpture of a truncated pseudosphere was fabricated using five different kinds of wood, laminated and then hand machined. As a work of art, our pseudosphere may be compared with pseudosphere sculptural art works created by Anish Kapoor, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ruth Vollmer and Robert Le Ricolais.

Truncated Pseudosphere
Truncated Pseudosphere
21 x 7 x 7 cm

The mathematical pseudosphere has infinite length along the z-axis, yet has finite surface area and volume. Our truncated pseudosphere was designed both as a sculptural work of art and for use in a scientific demonstration. It was discovered by one of us (KB) that the pseudosphere can be employed in a novel update of the classic "Uphill Roller" physics demonstration that traditionally (for over 300 years) employed a double cone to roll uphill on an incline composed of two divergent rods or lanes. A cylinder will roll downhill on the apparatus. The pseudosphere will oscillate when placed on the incline.