sejin park

High school student
Grade 11, LGCA ( Lions Gate Christian Academy )
North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Sejin Park started the art of paper-folding at the age of 5. He would observe various creatures in nature and try to mimic their bodies using origami. He started to design his own origami at the age of 10. He has had several exhibitions and workshops since 2012 in US, Japan, Canada, and Korea. His original designs were previously exhibited at Bridges Conference in 2014. Currently he is a high school student at LGCA in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Origami encompasses various fields of mathematics such as geometry, ratios, and symmetry. Sejin is fascinated that he can create as many different shapes from a single piece of square paper, simply by using mathematics.

Origami trees with different ratios
Origami trees with different ratios
25 x 55 x 50 cm
Square of Kent papers ( 30cm x 30cm )

When you look at trees, you’ll notice that each tree has a unique appearance and shape. But nature tends to follow an order. Fibonacci observed this order and found the sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8… The tree models were made in different ratios to show how their appearance would differ, simply based on these ratios. They are designed with the ratio of branches to trunk to roots, expressing the beauty of nature. From left to right, the ratios 10:3:2, 7:5:3, and 8:5:2. Also, the branches of each tree present the esthetic of asymmetry.