Alan Singer

Professor, School of Art
College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York, USA

I have a deep interest in STEM Learning programs, but I want to add a capital A to them for a STEAM learning environment. Capital A stands for Art and my aim is to explore art and math together, though I am not trained as a mathematician. I conduct my experiments using programs like 3D -Xplormath, Cinderella, and others like Mathematica to find the potential in 2D and 3D forms that I can then apply in composition within my art.
There is a huge area opening up that includes mathematical visualizations that no artist has yet to explore, and I want to be there. I practice a process, and look for creative and engaging solutions.

The Future View
The Future View
31 x 43 x 3 cm
Transfer monoprint on paper

This transfer mono print was conceived with the help of a program on my computer called Cinderella. Cinderella is a geometry toolbox that you can download for free and there is a plotting function that allows you to write mathematical instructions in Cindyscript. Once the image is rendered on transfer film I pass that through my etching press along with moist paper and the transfer occurs under pressure creating the print that you see. I write my own equations and the program plots the image in an RGB color space.

38 x 53 x 3 cm
Transfer monoprint on Fabriano paper

This transfer print was created in my studio with the help of the Cinderella program, a geometry toolbox that I have on my computer. The program allows me to render images using a language called Cindyscript which plots along the x and y axis in an RGB colorspace. I have created hundreds of images this way, and I make handmade prints from transfer films in my studio using my etching press to create a good impression.