Suman Vaze

King George V School, English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong.

I seek to depict interesting mathematical truths, curiosities, sequences and puzzles in simple, visually descriptive ways. Mathematical amusements inspire the color and form in my paintings, and I try to strike a balance between the simplicity of the concepts and their depiction in art. The logic and balance of the discipline is beautiful, and I like art that both stills and stimulates the mind – these are the qualities I strive to capture in my work.

Dusk till Dawn
Dusk till Dawn
60 x 55 cm
acrylic on canvas

I wanted to arrange the numbers of a sequence to completely fill the canvas without leaving any gaps. In this work, I have arranged the first 100 terms of the sequence of the digital roots of the partitions of a number (A238191). I started from the top right going up and down until I evenly reached the edge when I turned at right angles again going back and forth until evenly coming to an edge. I continued this process of turning at right angles when I reached the edge evenly until the canvas was completely covered. I find that the asymmetry of the arrangement of horizontal and vertical sections provides both interest and structure to the artwork.