Yoshiaki Araki

Japan Tessellation Design Association
Tokyo, JAPAN

Tessellation is one of the best ways to illustrate mathematical natures of the shapes/spaces by repeating the congruent figures along them.
I have been pursuing tessellation design of shapes/spaces to attract wide range of audiences with recognizable figures familiar to them such as animals.
My recent focus is to produce tessellation exhibitions at science museums. In this time, lenticular lens are utilized for tessellation animation exhibition for Hamagin Science Space Center, Yokohama city, JAPAN.

Tessellated Runner
Tessellated Runner
594 x 841 cm
Lenticular lens / Plastic, Inkjet Print

The plane is tessellated with different four types of runners. The runners move when you move along them. This is happened by a lenticular lens effect. If you change the view point to the plane, the color of runner gradually changes.

The movie can be found from https://twitter.com/alytile/status/841618181517058048 .