Anduriel Widmark

Denver, Colorado, USA

I create forms to explore the possibilities existing within a generated reality. Shaping and manipulating space allows a context for relationships to be questioned. Abstraction expands reality and presents an opportunity to look outside of a regular pattern of seeing. Relationships between underlying forces exemplify the inseparability of structure and narration. Structures and voids are used to organize a lattice around these distinctions and connections.

Cubic Lattice
Cubic Lattice
18 x 18 x 18 cm
Flame worked borosilicate glass

Exploring various ways that different geometric forms fit together and fill space can be a rewarding challenge, sometimes resulting in surprisingly beautiful forms.This Sculpture is a complex link derived from a tetrastix arrangement of 36 rods joined in a way that creates three linked unknots. The link has a cubic symmetry but there are a few twists to this arrangement. Constructing these shapes in glass allows light to shine though the interior of the structure, generating a dynamic interplay of light and shadows within the woven spaces.