David Reimann

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Albion College
Albion, Michigan

I enjoy giving visual representations to abstract mathematical concepts such as number, form, and process. Several of my works have patterns that are repeated at multiple scales. Other works contain fine detail that allows the art to be viewed differently depending on the distance between the viewer and the art. Another prevalent theme in my work is symmetry, where the overall pattern is created by repeated rotation or translation of a smaller very similar units. My overall goal in creating art is to share the beauty and wonder I see in mathematics.

18 x 45 x 18 cm
Paper backed cherry veneer, metal fasteners

This is a capped cylinder was created using 75 squares that are 5 cm on a side and connected at their corners using split-pin fasteners. The end-caps are based on dodecahedral hemispheres and the cylinder is based on a planar hexagonal tessellation, which results in a polyhedral form in which every vertex has order 3. The edges in the underlying form have been replaced by squares, resulting in an open lattice form. Every opening is either triangular (throughout), pentagonal (on the endcaps), or hexagonal (on the cylinder).